Customer requirements often have the need for application specific connector designs.

Y-S is able to launch the connector’s components as well.

These designs can often be created for small to medium volume demands.

In-House Mold Design:

  • Injection Mold
  • Stamping Die
  • Modular Fixtures
  • Precision Parts Processing

In-House Mold Manufacture:

  • Injection Plastic Parts
  • Stamping Metal Parts

High Speed Punching  Machine:

  • Terminal Stamping
  • Metal Shell Stamping

Coordinate Measurement     Machine 3D:

  • ProgrammableContinuous & Auto Test

Energy Dispersive X-Ray    Spectrometer:

  • (EU/RoHS) Hazardous Substance Analysis
  • HF (Halogen Free) SubstanceAnalysis

X-RAY Plating Thickness Tester:

  • Plating Thickness Quantitative Test

Semi-Automatic Mating & Withdrawing Tester:

  • Mating & Withdrawing Test
  • Connector Life Cycle Test

Quadratic Element (2D):

  • Dimension Measured in Varied