Y-S Electronic Co.,Ltd.

Y-S was established in 1987, as a professional Cable Assembly & Connector manufacturer, about 700 employees, 3 facilities located in Taiwan (HQ), Dongguan, China. Sales representative offices are distributed in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Korea, USA. 

Our line card includes Cable Assembly, Connector and PCB Assemblies, for the “Connectivity Solutions” in the industrial sectors of Computing Equipment & Information Technology, Telecommunication, Medical and Automotive accessories. 

From 2004, owing to the quality request, in house rate lifted, cost reduced, and the backward integration which has been successfully accomplished. For Example, the punching department was built from that year.

From 2006, Y-S continues to reinvest capital expenditure in company for future business. Example is the automatic production + packed + detective applications started to implement.

Y-S Group's guidelines of management is customer-first, flexible, time sensitive, cost down oriented and quality driven.